Prostitution, Marijuana, Young Drinking Age, Gambling= Amsterdam

Interestingly enough, all the things in the title of this blog, that are defining characteristics of the magical playground tucked away in the netherlands, are illegal in the United States. 

As I walked along the streets filled with the wants and desires of many young people throughout the world, I began to think about how happy, nice and relaxed the people seemed to be. 

This made me think of the United States and how so many of these vices are illegal throughout the country. They are said to be illegal for various reasons but when I personally observed these institutions working harmoniously with society I begin to wonder if there illegality in the states has to do with something else. 

Despite the separation of Church and State in the U.S. the country remains very religiously focused and the Presidents have been more conservative then not for many years. 

Recently there has been talk of President Barak Obama legalizing marijuana…. Is this the “Change” we can believe in…? not to be cynical about his future because Obama is making very drastic moves, so I would like to better phrase my question….

Do you think that outlawing the aforementioned things make the U.S. better or worse and furthermore should Obama legalize Marijuana????


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